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Susan Janette Ramey

Aug 01, 1954 - Jul 22, 2021


Susan Janette Ramey died July 22, 2021 at Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice. Susan was born on August 1, 1954 in Kansas City, Missouri to Wm. Kenneth and Betty Jean Ramey. Her family moved to Sheboygan in 1965.

Susan graduated from Sheboygan North High in 1972. She attended UW La Crosse and UW Green Bay, Rudolph Steiner College in Sacramento, California and UW Madison. Susan taught at the Haleakala Waldorf School on Maui for 20 years. She worked as an occupational therapist in Vermont and Wisconsin.

Susan’s zest for adventure took her on a bicycle trip from Sheboygan to Bellingham Washington. She camped every night and phoned home on Sunday evenings. Susan’s adventures included living in a yurt in Ranchos de Taos, exploring magical places and National Parks throughout the Southwest and learning to play the ukulele and dance the hula while living in Hawaii. Susan loved being in the moment from swimming with sea turtles, to riding camels in Egypt, to hiking and camping wherever her spirit took her. Bird watching was one of her favorite past times.

Susan was an involved and caring friend to so many. She will be truly missed by the countless people that she embraced during her lifetime. Susan loved our planet Earth and tried her hardest to protect it. She will be missed for her sparkling good nature, enthusiasm and warmth, her capacity for depth in understanding, her wide range of interests, her adventurous spirit and most particularly her generosity of heart.

She is survived by her sisters, MaryKay (Clayton) Schmidt of Sheboygan Falls and Barbara (Ian) Sangster of Bonner Springs, KS; nephew, Ryan (Stacia) Schmidt; nieces, Amy (Korey) Miller, Jamie (Phuc) Trieu and Helen Sangster.
Memorial donations may be given in Susan’s name to Maywood Park or Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice.
A celebration of life will be held in the near future.



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Anabela Lei

Dear Susan, I really cannot believe this. I am deeply sorry that I didn’t get to say goodbye and wish you happy birthday before you left. You are one of my most beloved friend and angel in my life. Even though you are thousands of miles away from me, your loving heart and your passion with life always I inspire me! You will always always be in my heart! May you Rest In Peace eternally in Heaven 🙏🙏🙏

Jean Shinners

My heart goes out to the Ramey family. I had the pleasure of running into Susan while hiking and quarry swimming the last few years. Such a positive, loving soul. You left your love of nature with us.

Myra Mcpherson

As eagles soar and fish swim may your journey into Spirit land Be a knowing way! You take such richness into the spiritual world that we are all blessed.. thank you SUSAN for being such a good friend. I lover of nature. A caring soul. I am forever grateful for a relationship and promised to continue it on this journey. My condolences to your family I know that you were loved as much by them as you are by me.

Kathy Platt

Happy Birthday my buddy. The Olympics are on and I bet that you are enjoying them while learning to fly around with your new wings. Remember those 14 skateboarding parks we took those brats to? And how could you forget the squirrel and chipmunk catch and release kids? I remember talking later about the chipmunks busting through the screen door and attacking big Bob. He chased them out with his cane which I inherited. And smashing Penny's hollow eggs in your pockets. We almost got swept away during that night in La Crosse when the weather turned twisty in the middle of the night. Kids got so frightened they hid in our tent. In the morning many trucks were gone.and there was a skunk cruising through the campgrounds. The roller coaster in Portlandia when Sarah mDe them stop. She was afraid thT Zach would fall out was her excuse and she stuck with it. So many goofy stories we enjoyed, Be careful not to fall off the rainbow bridge, you might get hurt. Can you blow out 67 candles and one to grow on? Maybe if you flap those wings hard enough. Keep your eyes open. Hopefully when you awakened on the other side there was no need to struggle with contacts or eye glasses.

Linda S Baker

Writing this on your birthday, a time when we Leos celebrate summer and nature magic. I will celebrate you Susan and the wonderous being that you are! Had to go to Emerson College in England to meet you in this life for such adventures and travels, but more than that Susan had a depth of relating on the soul level of each person, I will never forget. Heartfelt condolences to Barbara and all the family. So blessed to have that week long camping trip on the McKenzie River in Oregon, with Susan and Bodie, with Susan playing her ukulele down by the river. We had interesting path together, I became a Waldorf teacher after I met Susan, and she became an Occupational Therapist after she met me, such a unique friendship. We are all in the waiting room and will meet up before long.

Ramona von Moritz

You would have been 67 years old hard to say goodbye, especially when it feels like we, who are older than you, should have gone continue to be Aunt Susan in our family and we remember you from all your visits over the past 42 years. Hans and I, and our children all send our love and condolences to Barbara, Mary Kay, their families, and all who love and miss were and are such a hero! A real-life Wonder Woman! As our son, David, siad, "Aunt Susan was always so intensely interested in us and what we were doing. You really felt like you wanted to be your very best for her." You inspired so many, and your legacy of love, caring, and support is pricelss! As Virginia said, you were a true sister and a true friend in this lifetime. We miss you so, and look forward to being with you on the other side...until then, we'll continue to share our lives with you as best we can, visit you in spirit, and send you our love, Come for a visit when you can...we'll be watching out for you!

Ed Abell

We partied with Susan on Maui in 82 on our honeymoon. Kristin had known the Ramey sisters since grade school. I recall an outrageous evening. Susan was a teacher at the time. Our orbits intersected throughout Susan's life, she was a kind and gentle sole.

Jocelyn Richards

Susan was a longtime colleague and beloved friend in Vermont, I got to share in some more adventure when she visited me in Arizona. We hiked, dined and laughed. I loved her, admired and respected her, and will miss her bright smile and wonderful laugh. She was full of love and kindness, with a healthy dose of feistiness. Rest In Peace, dear Susan.

Marilyn Elston

While I did not know Susan well; I admired her quest for knowledge and her generosity in sharing it. Rest well traveler

Kathleen Anne Platt

I could not have had a better friend, dear Susan. We had many wonderful adventures together, and with my children Zachariah and Kale. Susan loved those boys and they loved her too. She knew Kale from birth. He loved his Susan and begged her to take him in the baby backpack carrier to the store. He also loved being swung around in her cloth shopping bag. They both loved to drink beer and Susan happily shared hers with him. One summer on a trip to my Dad's house on the other side of Lake Michigan we went to all five of the great lakes and Niagra falls. We also visited her buddy Sue Alby in Marquette. We took a boat ride to see the painted rocks there, rode bikes on Macinaw island, discovered in Oregon a tricycle that Zach could ride with foot steering. He later rode that bike in the Maui marathon. I ordered it online, assembled it and got out of the way. We loved our Susan. I am glad that she did not suffer in pain during her last bout with cancer and will always regret not being able to visit her and help care for her. She loved my cooking and ate dinner with us dozens of times. Gone too soon, dear friend. So glad that her suffering is done. Aloha my bon ami! I will see you on the other side.

Virginia fish

Susan You illuminated the world and are an irreplaceable friend. You were a true sister to me and an exuberant companion. Our laughter Was deep and clear, our communication about all of life’s happenings and mysteries was always open and honest. You would do anything for me and all of the hundreds of friends you made around the world. And we all would do anything for you, And undoubtedly we will follow you anywhere.

Christine Scherding

RIP dear friend. Counting on you to help us out on the other side. You have left a hole that, truly, no-one can ever fill. With the deepest meaning of the word - Aloha. ~Christine