Planning Ahead

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Is there a consultation fee for pre-planning?

No, we provide preplanning information and estimates as a community service. Materials available include a historical record booklet, as well as pertinent information for your specific funeral service. If it is more convenient for the individual, arrangements can be made at your home or in a place of your choosing.

Why pre-plan a funeral?

Pre-planning your funeral gives you peace of mind, knowing no matter what the future brings, your wishes will be on file at the funeral home. Trusting insures your funds will be available regardless of your future financial situation, including the possibility of applying for Title XIX or other government assistance. This can help to alleviate future questions.

What trusting options are available?

There are two options: bank trusts or insurance funded trusts, both of which fall within Title XIX or other government assistance guidelines.

Will the trust gain interest?

Yes, both options will increase in value through accrued interest.

What happens if there is more money in the trust than the cost of the funeral?

If after final expenses there is an excess of money, that amount will be refunded to the family or estate.

Are there payment options available?

Yes, for a bank trust, depending on the financial institution and its specific requirements, a payment plan can be customized to fit your needs. With an insurance funded funeral, your options are: single payment, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, and 10 year payment terms. An insurance funded funeral has a whole life insurance feature of paying full benefits should you die prior to completing your payment term.

How do I get started?

A very important part of trusting is the pre-planning. You can pre-plan a funeral without trusting, but it is difficult to trust without pre-planning. First, it is necessary to select the merchandise and type of services desired for your funeral. Vital statistical information will be written down and used for: obituary, completing the death certificate, social security, and any other applicable benefits at the time of need. Additional information discussed would be the location of service, music selections, and specific details outlining your service. A contract is necessary for both the bank trust and the insurance funded funeral. Funeral home staff will assist you with this.

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